A $200 budget for an air rifle is a great one, yes you can spend a lot more on a gun and the more you spend the greater the weapon, but not everybody has a budget of $500 to invest on an air rifle, particularly if you like having plenty of guns to choose from! Even the professionals who spend ridiculous amounts of money on their competition guns will have numerous guns costing $100 to $200 to serve as a backup, for practice, or for fun!

I’ve never invested more than $200 in a weapon, yet I own over a dozen air rifles, several air pistols, three or four real guns, and six airsoft guns. Nobody could ever accuse me of not having a great arsenal, I just don’t believe that you need to invest any more on a weapon unless you are a super elite shooter with the chance of an Olympic gold medal! On this page I introduce you to two of the best air rifles under $200, all fantastic value for money!


Benjamin Trail Nitro Piston Air Rifle Combo

On this site I have recommended dozens of guns already, and if I get the time I will keep searching for more to recommend. Out of all of the guns featured I have never encountered a bargain like this one, this is a Benjamin Trail Nitro Piston air rifle with an advanced 3-9x40AO scope with mil-dot reticle. This isn’t a target shooting gun, this is a hunting gun! It is great for target shooting too of course, but that isn’t the major selling point, this gun is quiet – very quiet.

If you don’t want to scare away the wildlife, then you need a quiet gun, this particular gun is 70% quieter than your typical air rifle. This gun is accurate, extremely accurate, and if you use lightweight pellets you can achieve well over 1000 fps so it doesn’t lack the power necessary to consistently make clean kills either. You shouldn’t be using the lightest pellets of course, this thing works better with good quality heavy lead pellets if you want to maintain the accuracy.

The list price on the 0.22 caliber is $414.99, now I wouldn’t ever pay that much for it, I think there are better guns on my selection of the best air rifles under $400, but this gun can be yours on Amazon for $199.99 plus free shipping at time of writing. That is extraordinary value for a Benjamin Trail Nitro Piston, and I really do believe that this is the best gun that you can buy with a $200 budget unless you are prepared to take the risk and buy a secondhand weapon from eBay.

The stock is synthetic, but as always with this brand top quality, it is also suited to both left and right hand shooting. If you have never owned a nitro piston gun then this is a great entry-level option, you will find that a nitr0-piston weapon has smoother cocking, is more resistant to the cold weather, and a nitro-piston gun will never experience spring fatigue, because there are no springs!


Gamo Silent Cat Air Rifle

Another great hunting rifle in this budget is this popular Gamo Silent Cat air rifle, a rifle which comes with a removable noise dampener which can reduce noise by up to 52%. This stylish gun features a modern skeleton stock and is shipped with a 4×32 scope and mount, at around $180 including shipping charges fpr the .22 caliber (if purchased from Amazo)n it represents great value for money and that’s a huge discount on the normal retail price!

The retailer are also giving away a free sling on new models purchased from Amazon (refurbished and used models not eligible). At current there hasn’t been a single bad customer review, and that’s because it’s simply a great gun. The 0.22 caliber weapon is the best for small game, and that’s the one that I am recommending here, but there is also a .177 gun available at a great price on Amazon.

The matched/recommended ammunition for this gun is the PBA platinum which when fired from this gun averages 1063 fps, although it will fire most .22 pellets at up to 900 fps so this gun certainly doesn’t lack power, get the shot on target and you will achieve a clean kill! You actually get some free high quality ammunition with every purchase.

Accurate, powerful,stylish, and reliable. At the price being asked on Amazon, it’s a great purchase. In my humble opinion however, if I may share, I would still choose the Benjamin Trail featured first, if the price doesn’t rise at least!