Can you really get a great air rifle for under $100? Well actually, yes! There are some awesome air rifles on the market which cost significantly less than $100, many of which could justify a much higher price. If you are a professional shooter, and let’s be honest the vast majority of us are not elite, then you would probably be able to tell the difference. But for everybody else, there is no reason why you would need to spend any more on a gun.

On this page I introduce you to three phenomenal highly popular rifles, all of which are fantastic value for money. To buy any of these rifles at great low prices simply follow the my links directly to the Amazon product listings.


Crosman Phantom 1200 FPS .177 Caliber Break Barrel Air Rifle

Not only is the Crosman Phantom 1200 one of the best selling and top rated air rifles on the market, it is also one of the most powerful air rifles, astonishing therefore that it is anywhere near a list of low cost guns. It normally retails at $149.99, and would be worth every penny and more, but it can be found on Amazon for significantly less than $100 with free shipping.

This rifle has a synthetic stock and forearm, but that does make it an all-weather gun, the rest of the gun is made from high quality metal. It will fire at 1000 feet per second, anybody who knows anything about air rifles knows that such a velocity is incredible for such a low cost weapon. Whilst advertised primarily as a 1000 fps gun, it will actually achieve an astonishing 1200 fps when used with the matched Crosman Destroyer 7.9 grain pellets which cost just $6.70 for 250.

A major selling point of this rifle is the weight, at just six pounds this rifle is light enough for older kids, women, and small men, no tactical sling required for this weapon! Many customers have purchased this weapon as a backup to their $200+ rifle and ended up using it as their primary weapon! Head over to Amazon to read much more about this great value rifle.


Daisy 5880 Shadow Kit air rifle

It’s probably obvious by now that I adore the Crosman Phantom, it’s true that if I had the choice of these three guns I would choose that one, but it is by no means the only great value rifle in the under $100 category, prices have come down a lot with the recession and there are literally dozens of good choices. If I were a complete beginner to shooting then I would certainly consider this air rifle kit by Daisy.

You don’t just get the gun here, you also get a good quality scope, a pair of shooting safety glasses (essential accessory, protect your eyesight at all times!), some free ammunition, and some shooting targets to get you started. This gun fires both BBs and pellets, so it’s a two-in-one air rifle and airsoft gun. You get 1000 BBs and 500 matched Daisy pellets in the box, so you can shoot straight out of the  box!

Now let’s talk about the gun, it’s a decent quality multi-pump pneumatic rifle, and it packs enough power. It will fire a BB at 750 fps and an air pellet at 715 fps, with the ability to adjust the power by altering the number of pumps in the gun. The scope is a basic 4x15mm, but its really all you need for a basic set up. The stock is a synthetic woodgrain material, you won’t find real wood at this price, but synthetic guns are more weather proof and low maintenance anyway!

So, how much? This set is yours for just $60 including free shipping if purchased from Amazon. That’s cheap, very cheap, buy all of this equipment separately and you are looking at $100 easily (in fact this set does retail at $94.99 offline!)


Ruger Blackhawk Combo air rifle

I finish off with another super-powerful rifle, from a brand famed for high quality products in this market. The Ruger Blackhawk is a powerful 0.177 caliber rifle which can achieve a velocity of up to 1000 feet per second when used with good quality pellets. This spring-piston break-barrel single-shot rifle comes complete with a 4×32 scope and scope mount, it can be considered an awesome gun for target shooting or for shooting smaller animals such as rodents; rat infestation? no problem, pick them off like sitting ducks!

The scope has a fog-proof coating, and the synthetic stock is designed to handle the elements, so you won’t be rushing to put this gun back in the car at the first sight of a bit of bad weather.

If you are looking for a cheap yet powerful and accurate rifle then this is a great contender, it is accurate out of the box with no adjustments necessary, is simple and easy enough for beginners, and if purchased from Amazon it will cost you a little under $100 with free shipping. It normally retails offline for $124.95 and it would easily be worth the list price!