To cut a long story short, no air pistol comes close to the Evanix Hunting Master AR6 in terms of power, but that gun will cost you around $500 and few of us are lucky enough to be able to spend that sort of money on an air pistol! If you do have that sort of money, then by all means buy it, the gun is fantastic.

I am assuming however that most people wont want to spend much more than $200 on an air gun, and some much less than that. With a low budget the best that you can hope for is 600 fps. Below are three of the most powerful air pistols on the market.


Evanix Hunting Master AR6 air pistol

We start with the ultimate air pistol, this beast is a pre-charged pneumatic pistol with a six shot revolver. This gun has the highest output of any commercially available and legal air pistol on the market, this gun is designed for hunters. This gun can be purchased in a combo (recommended) with a BSA 2×20 pistol scope, accushot profile rings, and a high quality aluminium pistol case. Normally costing $659.99, buy from Amazon and you can get it for $549.99 – a 17% saving!

Want to know the velocity? With your first shot per charge (using a 11.9 grain RWS hobby pellet) you will achieve a velocity of an astonishing 922 fps, by your 10th shot you will still achieve 685 fps. Those statistics speak for themselves, this gun is a monster and will literally blow you away. The image to the left says all that you need to know about the quality of the materials used.


Crosman Benjamin Marauder Pre-Charged Pneumatic Air Pistol

The biggest competitor to the Evanix AR6 is this beautiful gun, the Crosman Benjamin Marauder, possibly the nicest pistol that Crosman produce – and that’s really saying something! At under $400 with free shipping from Amazon, this represents a much more affordable option. This dual fuel 0.22 caliber gun will fire at up to 700 fps, it uses a mix of PCP and CO2 to fire.

This gun is perfect for hunting, not only because it is extremely quiet but also because it is ultra quiet. This gun will take out any pests or small game from up to 33 yards away. Featuring an 8 shot clip and a 12 inch barrel (not including a scope, if you want one you need to purchase┬áseparately), this gun – like the AR6 – is, unlike most air pistols, suitable for game hunting.

Reviews have been excellent, in fact I have never seen a review from an unhappy customer, it is perfect for killing small animals in your yard, whether rabbits, possum, or rats, and has an effective range of around 40 feet with heavier ammunition. Awesome gun if you have the money!


Crossman 1377 American Classic

I finish off with a great option for those on a tight budget, this Crosman 1377 American Classic air pistol is yours for under $60 including shipping from Amazon despite a normal retail price of around $104.99. I selected this gun for the article best air pistol under $100, mentioning the overwhelming high levels of customer satisfaction!

Despite being cheap, this gun packs more power than many $150 to $200 air guns, this beast will fire at 600 fps. That’s powerful for any pistol. Much of this gun is made from strong metal, and as a result it is very heavy at 32 ounces, this is not a pistol for the weak or for kids – this is an adults gun, and not wimpy adults either!

The long barrel makes this gun accurate over up to 30 yards, perfect for target shooting but powerful enough to kill the pests in your vegetable patch or back yard. It is worth nothing that there is one negative, this gun does not have a magazine so you have to load for each shot, but that is a big safety benefit and makes this gun suitable for training a beginner. Awesome gun at a price which is far too low for a gun of this quality.